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1 Piece Brass & Glass Ocean Jewelry Charms 14K Gold Plated Light Blue 18mm x 13mm

UAH 37.38 per pack
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 42.47
UAH 40.35
UAH 37.38
Part No.: B934647
Color: 14K Gold Plated
Material: Brass(Lead and Nickel Safe)
Size: 18x13mm

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Product Weight: 2 g
Attribute name Attribute value
Quantity 1 Piece/Pack
Material Brass & Glass
Length 18mm
Metal Color 14K Gold Plated
Brand Style Ocean Jewelry
Color Light Blue
Usage Charms
Width 13mm
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Ocean Jewelry Zinc Based Alloy Charms Crab Animal Antique Silver Color 23mm( 7/8") x 22mm( 7/8"), 20 PCs

UAH 34.60~UAH 52.75
UAH 27.68~UAH 42.20
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 52.75
UAH 42.20
UAH 42.73
UAH 34.18
UAH 36.92
UAH 29.54
UAH 34.60
UAH 27.68
Part No.: B69838

Zinc Based Alloy Ocean Jewelry Pendants Whale Animal Antique Silver Color 36mm x 30mm, 5 PCs

UAH 49.10~UAH 71.16
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 71.16
UAH 60.49
UAH 49.10
Part No.: B0139566

Ocean Jewelry Zinc Based Alloy Pendants Octopus Animal Antique Bronze Carved 5.7cm(2 2/8") x 5.5cm(2 1/8"), 5 PCs

UAH 49.13~UAH 75.59
UAH 36.85~UAH 56.69
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 75.59
UAH 56.69
UAH 61.23
UAH 45.92
UAH 52.91
UAH 39.68
UAH 49.13
UAH 36.85
Part No.: K02116

20PCs Antique Silver Shark Animal Charm Pendants 26x13mm(1"x4/8")

UAH 147.68~UAH 214.03
UAH 118.15~UAH 171.23
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 214.03
UAH 171.23
UAH 181.93
UAH 145.54
UAH 147.68
UAH 118.15
Part No.: B20475

Ocean Jewelry Zinc Based Alloy Charms Sea Horse Animal Antique Silver 22mm x 9mm(7/8"x 3/8"), 50 PCs

UAH 36.99~UAH 56.39
UAH 25.89~UAH 39.47
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 56.39
UAH 39.47
UAH 45.68
UAH 31.97
UAH 39.47
UAH 27.63
UAH 36.99
UAH 25.89
Part No.: K03216

Zinc Based Alloy Ocean Jewelry Charms Star Fish Antique Silver Color 20mm x 18mm, 50 PCs

UAH 65.61~UAH 95.09
UAH 49.21~UAH 71.31
Discount Price by Qty(Unit: Pack)
UAH 95.09
UAH 71.31
UAH 80.83
UAH 60.62
UAH 65.61
UAH 49.21
Part No.: B0145430
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2 PCs Brass Charms 14K Gold Plated Fruit

UAH 38.39~UAH 64.28

1 Piece Brass Wire Wrapped Pendants

UAH 80.81~UAH 91.83
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1 Piece Brass & Glass Ocean Jewelry Charms 14K Gold Plated Light Blue 18mm x 13mm
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